The demand for EMS Muscle stimulator or Abs Stimulator is greater than ever. It is because, having the perfectly sculpted abs and a slender physique is nowadays a priority for many, not only to look good but also to feel good. In this present scenario where people have to constantly hustle with their job and life in general, there remains only a wee-bit space for fitness. As more and more people are now getting concerned about their health and well-being, they are eventually turning to fitness practices like Yoga or they are hitting the gym. But let us be honest, taking out the time and energy to go to the gym and do a few crunches might appear to be nearly impossible sometimes. Moreover, Gym Subscriptions can sometimes burn a hole in your pocket. In this regard, EMS muscle stimulator offers us an alternative that will solve our problem in a much easier way.

EMS or Electrical Muscle Stimulation is the ultimate savior in this regard. So let’s know a little bit more about it…

What is Electric Muscle Stimulation?

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In simple sense, electrical muscle stimulation refers to strengthening the weak muscles of the body.

As it happens, even in our most active state, we don’t use all the muscles fibres in our body. On the contrary, we use only a fraction of all the muscles fibres that we have. Some sources even claim that to be as less as 20–30% . If we believe this percentage then it would mean there is a very low usage of a muscles’s strength even in our busy days. As a result, most part of the muscles become weak as it remains dormant.

When we are active our muscles work by expansion and contraction. So, as I mentioned earlier even when we maximally contract a muscle, at best, only 30% of all our muscle fibres come in a state of contraction. The remaining 70% remains dormant and awaits recruitment when the contracting fibres fatigue. What an electrical muscle stimulation machine aka muscle stimulator (as popularly known) does here is, it electrically stimulates these resting muscle fibres to improve their strength.

The EMS machine or as commonly in the form of the ems abdominal trainer, also improves our overall health and fitness by recruitment of nerve conduction rates. Simply put, it takes approximately 10000 repetitions for our brain to learn how to quickly send a message to our muscles via the quickest nerve pathways. This contraction pattern becomes our “memory engram”. The more frequent our muscle is recruited the better our body becomes at finding the quickest way to recruit that muscle. An EMS machine can potentially provide us with repeated contractions to accelerate this learning process.

So, What does an Electrical Muscle Stimulator or an Abs Stimulator do?

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TV Commercials and flyers might have made you well aware of this fitness device, with their promise of giving you instant Sixpack Abs. But let me tell you, an Abs Stimulator or the ems abdominal trainer, is more than a device to make you look good, it is a clinically approved fitness device that works on the deep layers of your muscles to give you that sculpted Abs like Adonis, at the same time improving your overall health.

The Abs Stimulator which usually comes in the form of an ems device commonly known as the ems Abdominal trainer or ‘Abs Toning Belt’, work on the deep abdominal muscles. When you would put on this ems abdominal muscles trainer, the device will send impulses to the deepest core muscles through the conductive gels pads. Among the two layers of muscles that we have, the Rectus Abdominis (the External oblique/the Sixpack) and the Transversus Abdominis (the internal oblique), EMS abdominal trainer slash the Abs toning belts work on the internal core layer.

These muscle toning abdominal belts sends impulses to the Transversus Abdominis, thus waking it up from its dormant state and strengthening the muscles from the core, giving you shining six pack abs.

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Why Do You Need An Abs Stimulator?

If fitness is your prior concern then it would be good for you to own one of this boon of the fitness technology. Like I have mentioned quite a few times earlier, these smart abs stimulators do more than making you look good. Experiments have shown EMS training to work effectively in terms of reducing excessive fat and correcting postures, both of which will improve your health in the long run.

Training gives us an outlet for suppressed energies created by stress and thus tones the spirit just as exercise condition the body.

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When it comes to electrical muscle stimulators, the burning question in the market happens to be Whether we can lose weight with the help of EMS machine or whether it burns fat. In this regard I would say, an EMS machine or the ems abdominal trainer is not focused on making you lose weight rather it is focused on toning muscles. However, in order to do that its impulses do reduce few excess fats which results in us getting a reduced and tighter waistline. In a test named as “Effects of high-frequency current therapy on abdominal obesity in young women: a randomized controlled trial” conducted on young women, EMS therapy was used on a group of subjects for 6 weeks at the rate of 3 therapies per week. The result was a reduced waist circumference, reduced abdominal obesity, reduced subcutaneous fat mass, and reduced body fat percentage. Thus, the electrical muscle stimulators thus help in the reduction of abdominal obesity.

Smart Electrical Abs Stimulator Description:

The EMS abdominal trainer or the Abs Toning belt comes in multiple pieces. Here, I would lay down the items, that comes in the box and then I will move on to explain what you will have to do in order to use it.

On unboxing the Electrical Muscle Stimulator, you will find 3 soft Hydrogel pads where there would be a large pad for the abdomen and two smaller ones that can be used for arm training, leg training and so on. There are also 3 host/control panels in the box, so that you can use all the 3 pads at the same time with the control panel attached to each one of them. You will need two AAA Batteries for the device to work (You have to buy these separately).

The box also comes with a manual to walk you through whatever needs to be done.

How To Use The Electrical Abs Stimulator:


Using abs stimulator or an ems abdominal trainer is very easy. All you need to do is insert 2 AAA batteries into the abs toning belt and then attach it to the Hydrogel pads that you want to use. Tear off the back sticker and then attach the Hydrogel pad to the part of the body you want to use it on: abdomen, arms, legs, etc. Then press the ‘ON’ button on the belt and watch the indicator lighting up in red.  You will feel the pad vibrating and thereby knowing the process has started.

Electrical Abs Stimulator Review- Pros:

The EMS stimulator is made of quality material and that is a very important factor to look at since it’s something that is going to be worn on our naked skin.

The gel pad is odorless and does not cause any discomfort. So, after a few days of training, you will probably not even notice it’s there.

Training flexibility: the muscle stimulator comes with different training modes so that we can adjust between various levels of intensity to match our fitness goals and comfort level.

The Muscle Stimulator can be used on several parts of your body at the same time. So it can work on our upper abdomen, lower abdomen, arms, hips, ankles, and more.

The best thing about the EMS machine is that it can be used absolutely anywhere. The abs toning belt can be worn even under the clothing. The gel pads are very discreet when worn under clothing so you can even have them on at the office. As the host and gel pads can be separated, wearing them won’t prevent you from doing household chores, relaxing with a book on the sofa, watching TV, and more.

It goes without saying, the muscle stimulator is a great way to get your daily portion of activity if you can’t go to the gym or have health issues. It is also a great first step for getting back into shape.

In regards to price, while most of the EMS machines comes at a relatively high price, certainly there are other abs stimulators that can guarantee us exactly identical features while having a low cost. It’s for you to choose.

Electrical Abs Stimulator Review- Cons:

EMS machine doesn’t give an instant result, rather it changes your health on a long term basis.

Initial Discomfort: Some people may feel a tickling sensation during its initial use. However, this is natural and you will get use to it with subsequent use.

How Long Does It Take For An EMS Machine To Work:

 The Abs Stimulator doesn’t have visible results within a day or two. However, you will feel the change right from the first use. The muscles becoming tighter will felt almost immediately and we will see visible formation of abs after 2-3 weeks.

For faster and better result, it is recommended to use the muscle toning therapy with proper work-out and a healthy diet.


Do Abs Toning Belts or EMS Abdominal Trainer Work?

It all comes down to addressing this simple and most crucial question. “Does an EMS Abs Stimulator Really Work?”

It is justified to ask the effectiveness of the product if you are to spend money on it.
A Big Yes!

EMS abdominal trainer or abs toning belt does tone our muscles. This electrical muscle stimulation machine is safe and works on our system quite seriously so as to give a long lasting result. A little bit of work out and a healthy diet will fasten the procedure and give us a more prominent result.

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