Survival MD Review by Dr Radu Scurtu & Rob Grey’s

Survival MD Review

According to the brains behind this book, no one knows when they may need to save someone’s life. Whether a hurricane hits or some other disaster strikes, the Dr. Radu Scurtu & Rob Grey’s Survival MD claims it can help anyone be able to save a life.

Whether you just want to be prepared because survival and medical care interests you or you have a concern about being able to take care of your family no matter what happens, you may be wondering if the Survival MD eBook can help you or if it’s a scam.

To help you understand more about this book to make your own decision, I have compiled information in my Survival MD review.

Who are the Authors?

When deciding on reading or purchasing a book, people often want to know about the author. Rob Grey and Dr. Radu Scurtu are the authors of Survival MD survival guide that has many people talking about it, but are they experts on the topic?

While Robert Grey may not be a well-known voice when it comes to the world of medicine, he had first-hand experience on the effects from disaster and not being trained in first aid and survival knowledge, when his dad passed away from an infected cut in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

He wanted to make sure that this didn’t happen to other people and teamed up with Dr. Radu Scurtu to help provide people with the knowledge and information they need to be able to save a life when it comes to disaster and emergency situations.

Scurtu has years of experience in Romania, not just as an experienced doctor who has already written other books, but also in situations where he didn’t have all the high-tech equipment that most hospitals in the U.S. have.

While Dr. Radu Scurut definitely has the knowledge needed to make this book one that can be considered trust-worthy, the personal experience and touch that Robert Grey brings to it makes it an interesting and impactful read.

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What Survival MD is all about?

Because of what Rob Grey went through in his experience with his father’s passing and not survival md ebookreceiving medical attention in time, he wanted to make sure that the Survival MD download included practically all the information needed to treat even the most basic wounds during a disaster and also what signs and symptoms to look out for.

From information on how to set a dislocated shoulder to helping you be able to prepare a disaster-proof medical kit, the Survival MD PDF has a lot of valuable information to read. It can teach you to make sure that you are managing garbage and waste correctly, how to avoid making mistakes in disasters that can lead to death, what to do about medication and which type of medications to avoid, and more.

What does it include?

The Survival MD book contains 18 chapters that cover the topics of:

  • Preventing accidents and practicing before disaster
  • How to be prepared for specific diseases
  • Being prepared for dental hygiene
  • Hygiene for women during the disaster (menstruation and more)
  • What medications to have on hand
  • Which kind of medical kit to put together
  • Alternative medicine or treatment
  • First aid preparation
  • Keeping things sanitary in an emergency
  • What to do without a doctor
  • Protocols to follow with medical emergencies
  • CPR information
  • Common sicknesses in disaster
  • Non-serious illnesses
  • Infectious diseases and what to do
  • Diseases caused by disaster and climate
  • Dealing with an illness without a prescription
  • A reading list on being prepared medically

As you can see, the eBook covers a broad range of scenarios and problems that happen in disasters and it goes in-depth to explain protocols and more to the reader. If it was only for Rob Grey, one could possibly question the information, but because Dr. Rudu Scurtu has years of medical experience, it’s easier to sit up and pay attention.

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What I liked?

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I like that the Survival MD is full of practical medical information that can be valuable during a disaster. The authors do a good job at explaining everything in clear and concise detail to ensure that readers have a working knowledge of what to do in case of an emergency.

They don’t just provide information, but also how-tos and Survival MD guide even includes plenty of information on how to live without having the proper medication in an emergency crisis. The book is also easy to read and the coursework is extremely helpful in helping readers to retain the information they read and learn more about what to do in emergency situations.

The fact that an actual doctor with medical experience is one of the authors makes it a book that deserves some attention, because while it should never take the place of an actual doctor in an emergency situation, the information it provides can go far in making sure someone survives a disaster.

Knowing that wounds can lead to death, even if they look harmless, and knowing what to do in case this happens can make a world of difference. I like that Rob Grey didn’t stay stuck in his tragedy but decided to do something to help prevent tragedy striking other people in scenarios such as a hurricane or flood.

What I disliked?

Because I like to read paperback books instead of reading online, I don’t like that Survival MD can only be purchased as an e-book and while there is so much information that is important in this survival guide, I don’t like that it is rather long as I feel not everyone has the time to finish it. In some ways, I think the information should have been compiled in a more short and concise way.

In Conclusion

Because learning relevant and correct information about taking care of an injured or ill person is always a good thing to do, I think spending the low cost charged for Survival MD is worth it. While the authors are no amazing book writers, they do a good job at explaining the information in an easy-to-read format.

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