The Complete Trainers Toolbox Review

This online seminar-style education system is like having some of the brightest minds in the industry coaching you through your biggest hurdles so you can feel confident growing your business.

Learn practical solutions to everyday problems you encounter as a trainer:

  • Designing programs that transform your clients’ lives so they look forward to every training session
  • Understanding negative thought patterns that happen as a trainer, as well as, with your clients, so you can better address the emotional side of fitness
  • Learning the best assessment strategies so you better understand your client’s needs
  • Gaining practical knowledge on back pain, squatting, overhead pressing, pull-ups, and pelvic floor considerations to round-out your coaching skills on all levels
  • Tapping into the best marketing strategies so you can send the right message to the exact clients you want to work with
  •        If you’re sick and tired of combing through hours of online forum chatter, social media posts, and relentless articles to find practical answers to your biggest coaching problems…
  • Blend impactful variables within a training program to produce the best results, whether you’re looking for strength, hypertrophy, or improved body composition
  • A comprehensive system that breaks program design into easily digestible components, that can be scaled to any client’s abilities, goals, and restrictions
  • The best periodization approaches for different clients, effective methods of sub max training for continued progressive overload, and cutting-edge methods for managing training stress in real-time
  • Know how to measure the training variables that matter
The Complete Trainers Toolbox Review | Product For Fitness Professionals

Dealing with Negative Thinking

(Your Clients and Your Own!)

Coach Lisa Lewis, EdD, CADC-II, Licensed Psychologist

  • Negative thinking.
  • Common patterns of negative and irrational thinking.
  • Strategies for responding to the negativity that will help to minimize consequences and maximize positive outcomes for your clients.
  • The challenges of responding to that can slow down or stall your clients’ progress.

Understanding Flexion- & Extension-based Back Pain

Coach Alex Kraszewski

  • factors influencing spine loading during exercise
  • how to identify the factors that may be contributing to a clients low back pain
    during exercise, and how to address them effectively
  • Back pain screening for fitness professionals.
  • Modify and progress exercises for clients with low back pain issues and avoid pain provocation to maintain and develop fitness

Core and Pelvic Floor Lifting Considerations

Coach Sarah E. Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT

  • Learn how to manage abdominal pressure during lifts and how does it affect hernias, diastasis, and the pelvic floor.
  • Understand strength vs pressure and some common ways clients cheat during lifting that increase their risk of injury.
  • Learn what correct diaphragm function to support core and pelvic floor health look likes.
  • Identify diastasis recti during lifts on both men and women.
  • Understand more about why the correct pelvic floor function during lifting is important.
  • Learn whether or not we should cue a pelvic floor contraction during lifts.

Assessing for Excellence

Coach Luke Worthington

  • the theory of assessments
  • why we assess, what are we trying to achieve, and how to get the best information to build your client’s programs.
  • What assessments are and what they are not: weeding through the BS of poor design and low-quality information.
  • A dedicated structure to guide your assessments and processes.

Writing Stellar Fitness Content

Coach Tony Gentilcore

  • Tips and insights on how writing can help increase your brand awareness, increase your reach, and generate an additional revenue stream.
  • Not a grammar lesson, but rather discuss ways to make your writing more conversational to increase engagement.
  • Break down the writing process: when to start, how to start, WHY start.
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Improving Overhead Mobility

Tony Gentilcore
  • Break down upper extremity assessment, specifically shoulder flexion (overhead mobility) and discover the best possible options for immediate improvement in overhead movement.
  • How to troubleshoot and ascertain possible root cause(s) when an overhead mobility restriction exists in your clients and athletes.
  • Provide corrective and strength training programming strategies to help improve/manage overhead mobility so they see the fastest results possible.
  • Finding someone’s “trainable menu” to know what’s in play and what’s off the table.

All Things Squats, Knees, and Hips

Coach Sam Spinelli, DPT


  • Simple To Complex Squat Assessments For Every Client.
  • Easy Squatting Solutions To See Instant Changes In Mechanics.
  • Long Term Solutions For Ensuring Clients Keep Making Progress.
  • Practical Education On Coaching Squatting To Simplify Your Process For Faster Results.
  • Tips For Managing Aches And Pains With Strategies To Keep Clients Training And Not Limited.
  • In-Depth Analysis Of Human Individual Variation Within Anatomy And It’s Impact On Squatting.
  • Options For Modifications To Help Athletes Keep Squatting When Issues Pop Up.

The Ultimate Pull-Up Webinar

Coach Meghan Callaway

  • Learn the answers to common questions that many people have about pull-ups.
  • Discover the many components of the pull-up. After all, the pull-up is a full-body exercise.
  • Learn proper pull-up form. This will be extremely beneficial to people of all genders, ranging from beginner to elite inability.
  • Discover 10 common mistakes that are preventing countless people from excelling at pull-ups.
  • Rather than guessing what exercises to do, develop a plan of attack and learn pull-up specific exercises that will help improve your ability to perform pull-ups.
  • Discover exercises that will help improve your upper body strength, core strength, shoulder and scapular controlled mobility/stability, grip strength, and shoulder and elbow health. These key exercises will also help improve your ability to perform pull-ups.
  • Discover several advanced pull-up variations you’ve likely not seen before.
  • Discover some unconventional exercises that will help improve your ability to perform pull-ups.
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Finding Your Ideal Client
Coach Kellie Davis
  • Uncover your ideal client so you can attract the right audience.
  • Understand your customer journey so you can create a unique experience with your products or services.
  • Learn how to craft messaging to speak to your ideal client.
  • Learn 3 proven strategies to grow your audience without paid advertising.

And that’s not even all of it.


In fact, there are 17 total hours of content when all is said and done. What’s more, all 17 hours have been approved for CEUs’ (1.7) via the NSCA.

I’m fully confident this is a resource that will help other fitness professionals hone their coaching skills, build better rapport with their clients, and maybe even most important of all…make more money.

And speaking of money, the cost of The Complete Trainers’ Toolbox is set at $100 OFF the regular price all this week. You have until this Sunday (2/17) to take advantage.

I’m really proud of this resource and I hope it helps you as much as I think it will.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Does a Fitness Education Presentation Work?

After your purchase, you will be directed to the easy to follow details on how to access the video presentations series. You can then view and download all of the video presentations. The instructions to view and download the videos are easy and quick to do. Along with the video presentations, you can download and print out a detailed handout of each of the presentations. With your handout in hand and video presentation on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, you are ready to enjoy the presentations and learn a variety of topics we discuss.

Q: Do I have to Watch the Video Presentations all at One Time?

No, you do not have to. You can watch the video presentations when you want, at your own pace and re-visit any aspects of the video presentation when you like. Plus you will have lifetime access to all of the video presentations. Plus if you ever need any help with anything, you can always email me at [email protected] if any technical issues pop up.

Q: Can I Burn the Video Presentations onto a DVD?

Yes, you can! You can download the videos to your computer/laptop/tablet and then burn the video presentations to a blank DVD. This allows you to watch the presentations on a DVD player at home, on your laptop or on a different computer.

Q: Can I just order a set of DVDs from You?

No, we don’t have the option for purchasing DVDs

Q: What if the series isn’t beneficial for me?

If you view the series and for any reason, you’re not happy we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked. We stand behind this product 100% and have no problem offering a money-back guarantee.

Q: I need some help and have some questions?

Feel free to contact us at any time if you have technical issues or questions about accessing the material presented. If it has to do with your order, please include your order number and receipt.

If you have specific questions about the presentations themselves, please email the presenters directly through the contact they provide within the presentations.

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